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 Everything you’re looking for in a beard oil!
on July 22, 2016
I got the full beard oil sampler kit (available on their Etsy & website) for my hubby for Father’s Day, and he just loves it! He’s really enjoying trying out each scent and getting my opinion, in the mission to decided which one suits him the best. The oils all leave his beard feeling softer and much more manageable, plus it looks a little less out of control! A softer beard & stache is highly beneficial for my face as well, as its drastically less itchy and scratchy when we get a little closer- if you know what I mean! With so many distinct amazing scents, this sampler is definitely the best way to go! Plus his gift had a second part to it; after he decided his favorite, I would get him the full beard & mustache kit as well! And to be honest, our mutual investment in the search for a favorite, has made me a little more fond of his facial hair!
 Lumberjack Barista Babies
by Brendan on August 29, 2014
This stuff is awesome. I smell like what rugged means, and it makes my beard super cuddly and soft. Its the best of both worlds! I feel super tough putting it on and I smell like the awesome love child of a lumberjack and a barista, and my gf likes that my beard is soft and now doesn’t want me to shave. NOT THAT I EVER WOULD! But still, she digs it more so that’s a plus. Either way this stuffs cool, I would buy it.
 Expectations: Exceeded!
by Levi H. on June 5, 2014
Finally, a non-comedogenic beard oil! I’ve used it for over a month, and still no pimples! It keeps my coarse beard soft and lustrous, and those pesky free-flying whiskers are mostly under control. The fragrance is wonderful, the best I’ve ever smelled, and subtle, so it doesn’t overwhelm. And this stuff will last a long time, at least another four or five months. Well worth the price.
Great Beard Oil
by Amazon Customer on April 22, 2016
My wife actually got me the eleven .25oz bottle sampler pack and have to say that I really like the beard oils from W,I &L. I’ve tried another oil and found W,I &L beard oil keeps my beard soft longer. I have a thick 3 inch beard. The fragrances are mild and smell good. My wife loves all the ones I’ve used. She snuggles up to my face and buries her nose in my beard after I put the oil on. Good product. Will try the balm soon.

EDIT – Since my first review I have ordered more beard oil, the balm and beard soap. All three products are excellent. I primarily use the Viking scent but also like most of the others. The beard soap is great. Lathers into a thick foam that cleans and freshens the whiskers and face. The balm is not as dense and waxy as other brands I’ve tried but works quite well with my thick bird’s nest beard as does the beard oil. Nothing fancy just good essential oils and soothing scents for a thick essential beard.
Also the customer service is great. If there is a hick-up with your order W,I & L will take care of you. Really like the product and the people.