The Bulletin Board

Here’s a look into our formulation and production process in our pursuit of making the best products for you.

Whenever you write us letting us know what you love or don’t like about our products, we hear you.
If we feel that a formula needs to be adjusted for better performance or appeal, we’ll do so and let you know here.
Think of this as your glimpse into our production process. Just like the bulletin board in our warehouse with our notes,
we have this bulletin board to keep everyone appraised of what we’re up to.

Have feedback? Let us know! Write us at
Note: Due to the heavy amount of emails and comments we get and the chaos of the impending holiday season, we cannot guarantee a response, but we can guarantee a real life person (probably Andi) read it and will look into any necessary adjustments. Tune in here to see what we are up to!