Aug 30.2017 Bulletin – Stronger Scent for The Connoisseur Body Wash

We received feedback from a few of you about The Connoisseur Body Wash not smelling strong enough.

NOTE: Our body washes are not meant to replace colognes. Our Body Washes are scented for aromatherapy purposes with natural essential oils for extra benefit. They will not smell as strong as our beard oils. This is for a few reasons. Our beard oil base does not carry its own scent, so the essential oil blends stand out stronger. Our Body Washes are saponified vegan oils, which carry a smell of soap. The essential oils blend with that to create a soapy-scent. It’s how it goes. Body washes that you buy at big box stores have artificial chemicals and fragrance oils in them to make the scent cling to your skin, but that’s not natural and can also contain neurotoxins and cause health issues. We avoid ingredients like that because we only create natural products we believe will fully benefit you, not harm you.

That being said, we have increased the concentration of scent in The Connoisseur Body Wash to try to get the blend to carry more of its lovely coffee/cocoa notes with the soap.

We have pulled our current batches in stock and re-scented them and will make sure our formulations going forward are a little stronger.

If you have any questions, comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

And as always, thanks for your feedback! Feel free to email with any thoughts.

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