Trader Beard Collection



The perfect beard oil collection for the trader, a man who's of the world.

This manly beard kit comes complete with:
The Gent Beard Oil (1 oz)
The Peacemaker Beard Oil (1 oz)
The Pirate Beard Oil (1 oz)

Add a masculine essence to your already manly mane. This kit has a trio of beard oils that offer a variety of citrus notes that go well together, yet with different accent notes. Add variety to your routine.

The Gent Beard Oil is a citrus, oaky scent, inspired by the flavors of a good bourbon.
The Peacemaker Beard Oil is composed of dark citrus and spices that create an essence reminiscent of gunpowder. It's a bright, manly scent.
The Pirate Beard Oilis for those go-get-em days where you want a strong spice to give you the kick you need, offset with a smooth citrus to keep you up-beat.

Comes in a rad metal tin, great for traveling or reusable for other items.

About Our Natural Beard Oils

Soften up that beard and moisturize that skin with our nutrient-rich, all natural beard oils.

Say good-bye to beard itch

We have carefully selected natural oils that help moisturize the skin underneath, deep into the follicle and upper epidermis, keeping it happy and healthy.

No More Dry Beard

Our oils work hard to moisturize both the hair and the skin underneath. No more dry, brittle beard hair. No more dry skin underneath. Keep it moisturized for a healthier-looking beard.

No flakes, fuss, or frizz

Keep that man mane tame naturally with daily use.

Great for Beginner Beards or Veteran Beards

Whether you're just starting out your beard journey or you've been around the block with this beard thang, beard oil is an essential for healthy growth.

Make That Beard POP

Using beard oil helps give the beard a healthy shine and appearance, and extra appeal for others. Our customers get compliments on their beards non-stop after using our beard oil.

All Natural, Always

The ingredients in this beard oil are all natural, with only beneficial properties. There are no fragrance oils that could potentially irritate the skin; we only use natural essential oils.


100% all natural, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients. Non-comedogenic. Gluten free. Non-toxic. Fragrance oil free.

Comes in a 1 oz or 4 oz amber glass jar with a dropper for easy application.

Add a beard balm in the same scent by selecting 'Yes' in the options above.

Ingredients: jojoba oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, argan oil, our unique essential oil blend.


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