The Gent Solid Cologne


For the on-the-go man, this travel-friendly tin provides natural essence with no hassle. The Gent scent smells reminiscent of the flavors of a good whiskey: rich, woodsy, with a hint of citrus and smooth oaky finish.

This solid cologne packs easily and is TSA friendly. Right before stepping into your next meeting, just pull it from your pocket, lightly slide your finger across the cologne, and apply it to your pulse points and you'll smell like a winner.

As always, it's made with vegan and natural ingredients and the scent is comprised of natural therapeutic essential oils. It contains absolutely no fragrance oils or artificial ingredients.

Scent: very warm, rich, woodsy, with a hint of citrus and smooth vanilla finish
Scent Strength: medium-strong
Therapeutic Essential Oil Benefits: antidepressant, eases anxiety and improves self-confidence, stimulating
Key Benefits: Can help fight SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Can help improve skin elasticity and moisturization, and is good for those who suffer from eczema or psoriasis.

More about our Solid Colognes:
Half ounce is the standard size for solid colognes. The reason is that it is made with a highly concentrated essential oil blend and a little goes a long way. Think if you took, say, a $20 bottle of spray cologne (which would be really cheap, and really bad for you because of all the artificial chemicals) and condensed the essence into solid form instead of diluting it in alcohol and paraben-filled preservatives. That's what we've done, except we use all natural ingredients and essential oils. Essential oils aren't cheap, either. One ounce of essential oil typically costs 4-6x more than one ounce of artificial fragrance oil, so in the end, our cost to make it is much higher than a spray cologne.

One tin will last you as long as a spray bottle of cologne, except most men end up going through the tin faster only because they use it more often than the spray because they like it more and it's easier to use. One tin will usually last 2 months, making it well worth the price and more.

Get all 3 of our Solid Colognes in this great gift set for men.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax, and Essential Oils.

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