The Captain Solid Cologne

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For the on-the-go man, this travel-friendly tin provides natural essence with no hassle. The Captain scent is a royal sage and spice essence.

This solid cologne packs easily and is TSA friendly. Right before stepping into your next meeting, just pull it from your pocket, lightly slide your finger across the cologne, and apply it to your pulse points and you'll smell like a winner.

As always, it's made with vegan ingredients and the scent is comprised of natural therapeutic essential oils. It contains absolutely no fragrance oils or artificial ingredients.

Scent: earthy, of incense, oaky with a bit of spice and sage
Scent Strength: strong
Key Benefits: Common scent in colognes and perfumes dating back for centuries. Can leave the hair and skin underneath looking smooth and healthy.

Get 3 of our Solid Cologne scents in our Solid Cologne Set! It makes a great gift for him! Ingredients: Coconut oil, Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax, and Essential Oils.