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The Captain Aftershave


Scent: earthy, of incense, oaky with a bit of spice and sage
Scent Strength: strong
Key Benefits: Common scent in colognes and perfumes dating back for centuries. Can leave the hair and skin underneath looking smooth and healthy.

This soothing aftershave was originally formulated for men in the military who have to shave daily. It has since been rigorously tested by men in all branches of the military, and they've become full converts because it helps with the irritation of daily shaving.

Aloe vera and witch hazel work to close up pores after shaving and calm any nicks or irritations, to finish the job of morning grooming. This pairs well with a wet shaving routine, and works with all razor types: straight razor, safety razor, or cartridge razor.

Sage and spice and aloe, soothe the skin with a cooling effect.

The aftershave does contain alcohol, in order to clean any cuts and stop any burning or irritation, but it is coupled with ingredients that will moisturize the skin.

This leaves your face clean, smooth, and soft, with a woodsy scent to top it off.

Splash on face after shaving.

Comes in 4 oz bottle with orifice reducer for ease of application.