Skin Saver

    • Vegan, contains all natural ingredients!
    • Made with coconut, jojoba, and hemp oils
    • Keeps skin healthy without moisturizing too deep
    • Won’t soften hard-earned callouses – that’s the key to this salve
    • Contains essential oils to aid your body’s natural healing process
What you can use Skin Saver for:
    • Climber’s hands
    • Wet feet
    • Weight lifting, climbing, or crossfit
    • Long distance running
    • Biking, running, walking back up hills until your slides/tuck/form/stride is perfect (which is never so keep practicing)
    • Nourishing weathered skin after exposure to the elements
    • And so much more. Try it out and see how it helps keep you going!

We highly recommend it for our climber friends. It’ll take care of those crazy dry hands after a climb without diminishing those hard-earned calluses. Whiskey Run athlete Josh Wright uses the Skin Saver to help his rough hands after a hard day of climbing. It’s also a fantastic salve for bikers or runners who experience chafed skin problems.

Surfers and snowboarders can take care of sunburn and windburn with this salve. It’s very light and absorbs quickly, not leaving a greasy feeling. A little goes a long way! It conditions skin without softening it and will help keep you going or get you back out there quicker. Use in the morning and night to care for skin or apply immediately onto any irritation or dryness. Use after activity to repair damage done and to help with dryness without softening callouses. Comes in a 4 oz glass jar.