The Woodsman Beard Kit Deluxe

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Look good. Feel good. Because beards.

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Scent: woodsy, fresh, and natural; cedarwood, eucalyptus, patchouli
Scent Strength: medium
Key Benefits: Calming, soothing.

The perfect kit for the bearded woodsman. This manly kit comes complete with:

The Woodsman Beard Oil 1 oz
The Woodsman Beard Shampoo Bar
The Woodsman Beard Balm 2 oz
Mustache Wax

Add a masculine woodsy essence to your already manly mane. The Woodsman scent is composed of cedarwood with a touch of eucalyptus and patchouli.

This beard kit is the perfect thing to keep a bearded man looking sharp. Wash and condition that facial hair with The Woodsman Beard Shampoo Bar. Follow up with The Woodsman Beard Oil to leave it feeling softer than fuller than ever. Then finish up by styling that stache and beard with our Mustache Wax and The Woodsman Beard Balm.

With our Mustache Wax, you have two options to choose from:
Our Medium Hold Mustache Wax comes in an easy applicator for quick, regular use to keep the mustache behaving.
Our Medium-Firm Hold Mustache Wax is a stronger, waxy hold for styling and curling the ‘stache.

Comes in a manly tin, and makes a fantastic gift!