The Viking Shave Soap


Get a closer shave and leave your face smooth with a hint of cedarwood for ongoing freshness through your day.

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Get the deep oakmoss scent you love in this cleansing, smooth lather shave soap.

Scent: oakmoss, blended with pine and leather, and a hint of citrus
Scent Strength: medium
Therapeutic Essential Oil Benefits: energizing, antidepressant, aphrodisiac, stress relief, soothing, restorative
Key Benefits: Helps with irritation. Extremely good for those with acne, eczema, psoriasis, itchiness, or breakouts. It also can help with wrinkles and signs of aging.

This deep oak-scented shave soap will provide the lather and slip you need for a smooth glide for your razor as you shave.

A pine, oak, citrus scent is made with natural essential oils to make the shaving experience more enjoyable and leave your face feeling especially clean afterward.

The soap also has some added benefits, as some ingredients work to draw out toxins and dirt from your face while you’re shaving, helping to fight acne and red bumps.

As always, all ingredients are all natural. There are no added artificial fragrance oils or chemicals. All fragrance is from natural essential oils and ingredients. Palm oil free! Made with vegan ingredients.

Offered in a refillable tin can.

Get it with The Viking Aftershave.

Razor not included.



Weight7 oz
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The Viking