The Ranger Basic Beard Kit


Look good. Feel good. Because beards.

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Scent: sweet, dark, smoky campfire in the mountains, freshly tanned leather, terpenic, piney, and warm, and about as manly as it get.
Scent Strength: strong
Therapeutic Essential Oil Benefits: detoxifying, calming, anti-inflammatory
Key Benefits: Great for those who suffer from acne or irritated skin. Some of the essential oils are said to help with wrinkles and aged skin, so although leather-scented, it’ll help your skin look less leathery.

The perfect kit for the bearded ranger type. Great for beginner beard growers or beard connoisseurs looking to maintain their man mane. This manly kit comes complete with:

The Ranger Beard Oil 1 oz
The Ranger Beard Shampoo Bar

This woodsy Whiskey, Ink, & Lace signature scent has a deep smoky, manly essence. This is not for weak men.

This beard kit is the perfect thing to keep a bearded man looking sharp. Wash and condition that facial hair with The Ranger Beard Shampoo Bar. Follow up with The Ranger Beard Oil to leave it feeling softer than fuller than ever.

The kit comes in a decorative linen sack, making it a great gift for a bearded man in your life!