Min-Pei Fancy Oolong Loose Leaf Tea


A robust, flavorful oolong tea.

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Grown in the northern Wu Yi mountains of China’s Fujian province, this oolong is a unique find. Its leaves are robust and twisted with a high aroma, typical for this special grade of tea. Min-Pei is light in character with a natural orchid-like flavor and produces a clear, bright amber cup color when brewed.

Oolong can both boost metabolism as well as increase energy and mental focus. It’s a fantastic health tea, stabilizing blood sugar and helping clear up skin. We recommend drinking this tea as a regular part of your routine!

Add 1 tsp to a strainer.
Add tea to 1 cup of water at 200 degrees.
Let steep for 3-4 minutes for full flavor.
Remove the tea leaves and enjoy!

Comes in a 3oz bag of loose leaf tea. Comes in a classy matte black sealed bag to preserve the tea’s freshness and protect the tea from UV-rays.

Weight5 oz
Dimensions5 x 4 x 2 in