Irish Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea


One of our favorite teas to mix with a touch of milk and honey.

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Our unique blend of small and large leaf Assam teas has been a tea lover’s favorite for years. Comprised of full-bodied Assam teas, our blend has been designed as a strong tea that will invigorate you in the morning and help you to start your day off right. When brewed, it produces a cup with a brisk flavor and an undertone of dark, richly fermented malt. Due to its strength, Irish Breakfast tea is commonly served with milk, but some prefer to drink it with lemon or sugar or straight.

Add 1 tsp to a strainer.
Add tea to 1 cup of water at 200 degrees.
Let steep for 3-4 minutes for full flavor.
Remove the tea leaves and enjoy!

Comes in a 3oz bag of loose leaf tea. Comes in a classy matte black sealed bag to preserve the tea’s freshness and protect the tea from UV-rays.

Weight5 oz
Dimensions5 x 4 x 2 in