The Gent Beard Oil


This beard oil’s scent matches the floral, smoky, and woodsy aromatic flavors of your favorite sipping whiskey. Have beard, have class. Be a gent.

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For the man who likes to end his day with a few fingers of whiskey and a good cigar, this beard oil is for the gent’s beard. It’s classy, with strong notes of smoke and vanilla, and high notes of flora and citrus.

The signature scent’s inspiration comes from a good strong glass of whiskey, taking notes from popular bourbons and ryes, that often have strong spice and oak notes, mixed with a smoky undertone and high citrus flavors. And thus, after much research (in which much whiskey was consumed), The Gent was born.

NOTE: There is no alcohol in the beard oil. It is only scented with inspiration from the flavors of fine whiskey.

Scent: very warm, rich, woodsy, with a hint of citrus and smooth vanilla finish
Scent Strength: medium
Key Benefits: Can help improve skin elasticity through moisturization.

The ingredients in this beard oil are all natural, with only beneficial properties. There are no fragrance oils; only natural essential oils. This helps prevent skin irritation.

This beard oil works hard on your beard and your face. What you put on your beard ultimately works its way to your skin, which is exactly what this oil is meant to do. The base of the beard oil also has carefully-chosen conditioning premium oils, jojoba oil (locally sourced from Arizona), argan oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil, that are known for helping encourage fuller growth, while moisturizing both the beard and the skin underneath.

The conditioning properties of this beard oil can help new beard-growers deal with that itchy stage, while helping keep the beard soft and handsome as it grows.

100% all natural, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients. Non-comedogenic. Gluten free. Non-toxic. Fragrance oil free.

Comes in a 1 oz. or 4 oz. amber glass jar with a dropper for easy application. Add a beard balm in the same scent by selecting ‘Yes’ in the options above.

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A little about essential oils and the beard oils’ scents:

If scents and fragrances often give you headaches, you have nothing to worry about here! What causes migraines are fragrance oils, which are usually filled with chemicals that are oftentimes neurotoxins. Our scents are 100% natural, created from combinations of therapeutic essential oils, which often can help with headaches, rather than cause them.

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The Gent

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