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Check your account. If you have a pending order there and there is not tracking info, then we are still working on making your order. Every order is made by hand, and during times like the holidays, we have more to make and oftentimes not enough hands. ;) Bare with us as we bake some love into your beard balms and deodorants. 

If you don't see a pending order in there, get in touch with us! We'll help you out. 

Shoot us an email and we'll get you back in ASAP! Email:

If we're talking shipping time, that's dependent on the shipping option you chose. 
US First Class Mail - 1-5 mailing days
US Priority Mail - 1-3 mailing days
International Mail can take 5-14 mailing days

If we're talking processing time, that is 1-3 business days (outside of the holidays. During the holidays, expect a few extra days for the rush of orders). 

We do, but currently only to barbershops and tattoo shops. 

Most definitely! We do have samples available! Check out our 3-oil Beard Oil Sampler and our Full Beard Oil Sampler

Yep. ALL the products. 

We do not use animal byproducts. We do not test on animals. We make sure our suppliers do not test on animals.

The only animal in our facilities is Mr. Basil Hayden. Follow us on Instagram for pics of him patrolling and being very busy about the warehouse as Chief Director of Morale.

Probably not. We're ecommerce. We do sell online... everywhere! And we ship fast.

Yes, you can use the beard shampoo on your hair! 

To use the solid shampoo bar, suds it up in the shower with warm water and use the suds to clean the beard. You can also rub the beard shampoo bar directly on the beard to clean it.

To watch Andi talk really fast about them while wearing crazy green lipstick, watch this video:

Are you near Nashville?

We can do you one better than a showroom. I mean we have that, sure. But we also have a speakeasy-style barbershop staffed with only the best barbers in Tennessee. Come visit Whiskey Neat Barbershop and experience our products by the hands of our experts. You can also purchase in our shop, with or without a cut or shave.

Sometimes USPS scans their packages early. It will most likely show up a day or two later. If it doesn’t, please contact USPS ASAP and have them track down the package. They will know where it was delivered, exactly. If that doesn’t locate the package, let us know and we’ll help you out.