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If you scroll down, below is our former About page. We're leaving it up because maybe we're a bit sentimental about our story that's brought us here. We'll update it soon, promise.

But if you're on this page, you might be aware that we took a 2 year break.

We shut everything down at the beginning of 2020. And believe it or not, it had nothing to do with the pandemic.

In 2019, I needed a break. I'd been running Whiskey, Ink, & Lace since I founded it in 2013, and I had never imagined it would grow to the size it did.

In 2013, it started in a spare room in my house in North Carolina. It quickly moved with me and grew in Portland, OR, then Seattle, WA. Soon we had a warehouse in Washington as well as Nashville, TN.

I never would have imagined...

We even opened a barbershop in Nashville, where you could experience our products in person.

It was a wild ride.

But it wasn't exactly the ride I signed up for.

By 2019, I was burnt out and still running everything by myself.

I wouldn't advise it.

We had a huge and growing operation,
plus the barbershop and our many product lines.

It was a lot.

And I wanted out.

I love you, as the customer, so much.

You were part of the story for how we grew to the size we did.

Getting to see our customers come through our barbershop in Nashville, after they'd been using our products for years, always excited me.

Getting to see customers experience our products for the first time also always brought me joy.

But after 6 years, I was tired.

When the lease was up for our main warehouse in Nashville, TN, I took advantage of the opportunity for a break and closed doors to Whiskey, Ink, & Lace and our barbershop.

I packed up and moved on to Denver, CO for a fresh start. 

But after 2 years of getting to play with my own passions and refresh a bit, I found I missed Whiskey, Ink, & Lace and the family that I grew out of it (family meaning our amazing customers, of course).

I found myself playing around with making bath & body products again in my spare time... just because...

And soon, with the help of my partner, I couldn't help myself.

I started everything back up one impulsive Saturday.

It started with a small impulse and idea.

And a post.

One little post to Instagram to just say hi again.

And you all responded quickly and with so much love.

Things quickly took off, and we relocated the business back to Long Beach, CA, where my story originally started.

So here we are again, saying hi, hello, I've missed you, and I'm excited to go on this adventure with you again.

We're making the same old products you've always loved, but with a little more intention and a little more energy after our small break.

We're excited to be back here with you.

We hope you enjoy.


Andi Whiskey

Andi Whiskey


Our Immutable Laws

Every product is a gift.

We strive to make every product and every order like a gift to YOU, our customers.
You are like family to us, and what we make is our gift to you, above and beyond expectations and carefully formulated to be good for you and enrich your life, naturally.

Small feet.

We leave as small a footprint as possible.
We reduce, reuse, recycle, and choose the best option for the environment whenever possible.

Respect the chemistry.

We formulate our products with care and concern for our end users and for the environment.
We use recyclable glass and plastic in our products and choose sustainably and
locally-sourced ingredients wherever possible to provide the best final product.

Edgy, naturally.

We provide our customers with products that go against the norm of the skincare and hair care market, prioritizing natural ingredients, customer health, and customer experience above margins, profits, and selfish endeavors. If that means we're edgy in this industry, then we're about it.

About Us

Operating Hours:
9am-4pm MST Monday-Friday
Your orders will ship on those days. Same Day shipping applies only to M-F, and if you message us after business hours, we will get back to you as soon as we are back in the warehouse/office.


So then what the hell is Whiskey, Ink, & Lace?

Andi Whiskey, our founder and lead formulator set out in 2012 to create an honest hair care brand for men, and later it bloomed in to a natural skincare and hair care brand for all genders.

We are an artisan company based out of Long Beach, CA. Every single ingredient in our products is thoroughly researched, so that everything added in the products provides added benefits for our end users. There are no harmful chemicals, and everything’s all natural.

We source our ingredients from cruelty-free and sustainable suppliers so that we don’t make a dent on the environment, and in return, we do our part to give back as well. A good portion of the effort that goes into the business goes into researching the best ingredients for hair and skin, to provide customers the absolute best for their health.

We are currently e-commerce only. We offer will call pick up in Long Beach, CA at our warehouse by appointment, only. Not near Long Beach? Take advantage of our fast shipping times by ordering online!


Andi Whiskey, Founder of Whiskey, Ink, & Lace

The Founder

Whiskey, Ink, & Lace founder, Andi Whiskey, never imagined she would be in the world of bath and body goods, or even retail. After starting her first business offering graphic and web design services at 16, she went on to run a marketing business while attending CSU Long Beach and then beyond. She also ran and managed many other businesses, ranging from photography, private event bartending, a skateboard magazine, and a few more along the way.

Andi grew up in California, and spent a lot of time traveling all over the country. Whiskey, Ink, & Lace debuted in late 2013 on the coast of North Carolina where she was living at the time, and it brought her from the east coast to the Northwest as the business expanded. The business spent a year in Portland, then moved to Seattle as it grew.

It wasn’t long until Andi picked up roots again, and has now deemed Nashville, TN as home base for the time being. It’s a fitting place for the brand and her fondness for whiskey.

Andi’s eclectic past of traveling, making, and doing, along with a heavy interest in all natural alternatives to commercial health products lends to the diversity, quality, and excitement of Whiskey, Ink, & Lace.


Photography and media by Whiskey Media Studios.


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