The Lumberjack Shave Kit

With a shave brush?

woodsy, with a twist of bergamot (citrus), and floral ylang ylang and a smooth vanilla finish
Scent Strength: subtle
Key Benefits: Softens skin. Extremely good for those with eczema, psoriasis, itchiness, or breakouts. Can act as an insect repellant, so perfect for lumberjacks.This scent has been proven to be quite a strong aphrodisiac; just check the reviews!

For the man who loves a good, close shave and feeling and smelling fresh after, this shave kit comes with The Lumberjack Aftershave and The Lumberjack Shave Soap.

These soothing aftershaves and sudsy shave soaps were originally formulated for men in the military who have to shave daily. They have since been rigorously tested by men in all branches of the military, and they've become full converts because they help with the irritation of daily shaving.

The shave soap comes in a tin can.

Aftershave comes in 4 oz bottle with orifice reducer for ease of application.

Ingredients are all natural, no parabens, chemicals, or fragrances.

All scents are all natural from essential oils so they're good for you and won't give you headaches or irritation.