Trader Beard Collection


The perfect beard oil collection for the trader, a man who's of the world.

This manly beard kit comes complete with:
The Gent Beard Oil (1 oz)
The Peacemaker Beard Oil (1 oz)
The Pirate Beard Oil (1 oz)

Add a masculine essence to your already manly mane. This kit has a trio of beard oils that offer a variety of citrus notes that go well together, yet with different accent notes. Add variety to your routine.

The Gent Beard Oil is a citrus, oaky scent, inspired by the flavors of a good bourbon.
The Peacemaker Beard Oil is composed of dark citrus and spices that create an essence reminiscent of gunpowder. It's a bright, manly scent.
The Pirate Beard Oilis for those go-get-em days where you want a strong spice to give you the kick you need, offset with a smooth citrus to keep you up-beat.

Comes in a rad metal tin, great for traveling or reusable for other items.