Tattoo Soap

This natural soap will lightly cleanse your tattoo without drying it out too much. Use it in the first two weeks after getting your tattoo, as directed by your tattoo artist.

This comes in our Tattoo Aftercare Kit, as well. 

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Our Tattoo Aftercare Kit is great for new tattoos or giving some life to old ink.

The Tattoo Aftercare Kit comes with:

(1) Stage 1 Tattoo Soap (1/2 oz)
(1) Stage 1 Tattoo Salve (2 oz)
(1) Stage 2 Tattoo Cream (4 oz)

The feeling of the salve and cream on fresh ink has been described as "someone blowing cool air on it."

Use the Stage 1 Tattoo Salve with the Tattoo Soap for the first 1-4 days after getting fresh ink. Gently clean the tattoo with lukewarm water and our gentle Tattoo Soap for the first few days.

Follow up with our Tattoo Salve. It's light and cooling, allowing the tattoo to breathe but helping with the heat from the irritated skin. The salve moisturizes and protects the ink for the first few crucial days.

Stage 2 Tattoo Cream comes in a jar that's easy to take with you on the go. Use this cream for the ongoing moisturization and care of your tattoos. This cream can be used on fresh ink or older tattoos.



It's 100% vegan and natural, and packed full of moisturizing oils that keep your skin healthy. The formulation includes vegan plant waxes that create a seal on your skin to promote absorption of the moisturizing oils, but the natural, lightness of the waxes helps your skin to still breathe.

The cream prevents breakouts, unlike most other tattoo care, and it won't clog pores or smother the ink. The Tattoo Cream contains essential oils typically used for surface burns, so they work with your body as it goes through its process.

Both tattoo aftercare products contain absolutely no petroleum or other smothering ingredients typically found in ointments, so as to not slow down the healing process.

As always, we never use any ingredients that could be harmful to you. We make sure all of our ingredients rate a 3 or lower on the EWG SkinDeep Cosmetics Database Scale (which means it's totally safe!).

All products have been thoroughly tested by our team to make sure they work well for bright tattoos. Whiskey, Ink, & Lace's founder, Andi, has a few tattoos (as you can see from the gallery photos), and typical ointments recommended by some tattoo artists made her break out and lose ink.

After much research and formulation, this is what she came up with and it's helped with her tattoo sleeves, knuckle tattoos, stomach and sternum tattoos, and many others. And the best part is it's useful for other things, like sunburns, wind burn, chaffing, and most other light surface skin irritations.



Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Cocos Nucifra (Coconut) Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Oleic Acid, Activated Charcoal.

Petroleum free. Fragrance oil free. Vegan.


Use a small amount of the soap with a light amount of warm water directly on a new tattoo, using gentle circular motions wash the tattoo, then rinse with water.