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Mustache Wax Set



Get one of each of our mustache waxes, both our medium hold and our medium-firm hold to keep that mustache maintained.

With a hat-tip to the stache-sculpting pioneers, this wax is made from vegan plant wax with a bit of castor oil for shine.

It's fragrance-free, and unscented! It's known as the Whiskey, Ink, & Lace signature scent (or lack thereof), The Jetsetter. So there is no scent. Don't add anything to your already perfected persona. Keep it crisp, clean, and totally you.

Our Medium Hold Mustache Wax will help keep your mustache out of your mouth and keep it looking tame and groomed. It comes in an easy applicator tube to just apply like lip balm to the mustache hair, or you can scrape off a small ball of wax and apply it that way, your choice!

We made this as an "every day" mustache wax for any man who's just looking for a solid mustache wax to get a decent job done. Its hold isn't too strong or too waxy, but just right.

Our Medium-Firm Hold Mustache Wax will not only help keep your mustache out of your mouth and keep it looking tame and groomed, but also help style it with curls and twists. It comes in a slick tin that can fit in your pocket and go with you for reapplication as needed. Just scraped out a small ball with the back of your fingernail, melt between your fingers, and apply to your mustache.

We made this one as a styling wax, with a slightly stronger, more waxy hold, for styling your mustache into curls or different twists. If they seem too stiff at first, warm it up by keeping it in your pocket for a couple minutes.

Petroleum free. Fragrance oil free. Harmful chemical free. Always all natural.

Comes in a tube for easy application.

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