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The Viking Beard Oil - Limited Release

152 reviews


Scent: oakmoss, blended with pine and leather, and a hint of citrus
Scent Strength: medium
Key Benefits: Deeply moisturizes and contains antioxidants.

This manly beard oil uses a combination of conditioning natural oils to give your viking beard a deep moisturizing treatment, while providing a scent reminiscent of the nordic regions. The scent’s base is comprised of oils that have been used for centuries in colognes, dating back to the B.C. era. It’ll leave you feeling like you could cross the seas like the norse seafarers of ages past.

This is a limited release, meaning once it sells out, it may not come back for a while. Get it while you can, friends.

Comes in a 1 oz black bottle with a dropper for easy application.


Soften up that beard and moisturize that skin with our nutrient-rich, all natural beard oils.

Say good-bye to beard itch

We have carefully selected natural oils that help moisturize the skin underneath, deep into the follicle and upper epidermis, keeping it happy and healthy.

No More Dry Beard

Our oils work hard to moisturize both the hair and the skin underneath. No more dry, brittle beard hair. No more dry skin underneath. Keep it moisturized for a healthier-looking beard.

No flakes, fuss, or frizz

Keep that man mane tame naturally with daily use.

Great for Beginner Beards or Veteran Beards

Whether you're just starting out your beard journey or you've been around the block with this beard thang, beard oil is essential for healthy growth.

Grow a Healthier Beard

Natural vitamins and moisturizing properties in the oil helps your beard grow naturally fuller and stronger. 

Make That Beard POP

Using beard oil helps give the beard a healthy shine and appearance, and extra appeal for others. Our customers get compliments on their beards non-stop after using our beard oil.

All Natural, Always

The ingredients in this beard oil are all natural, with only beneficial properties. There are no fragrance oils that could potentially irritate the skin; we only use natural essential oils.




avocado oil
apricot kernel oil
argan oil
our unique essential oil blend

100% all natural, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients
Fragrance oil free


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        United States United States
        I recommend this product

        Best smelling beard oil

        I love the Viking and I am so glad it's back. When it disappeared during the pandemic I was so sad and we checked back constantly to see if it was around. This needs to be a solid cologne too! I'll buy it immediately!

        Daniel G.
        United States United States
        I recommend this product

        The best Beard oil

        I have been a long time customer and am grateful your back! The quality is by far the best! I have a big beard and with your oils I don't get the underneath itch.

        Roger W.
        United States United States
        I recommend this product

        Brings Back Great Memories

        The first time I got this oil I went to Nashville for a concert in 2018, and it gave me a boost in confidence for being on my own far from home. I love the earthy/heavy scent with the oakmoss. I don't remember the citrus being as pronounced as it was when I bough it all those years ago, but it smells amazing! So happy to see this back again!

        Zachariah R.
        United States United States
        I recommend this product

        My favorite beard oil!

        This is my favorite scent in a beard oil. It's not too strong but has great fragrance. The oil makes my beard soft and smooth but isn't too heavy. Please keep this in stock!

        Whiskey, Ink, & Lace The Viking Beard Oil - Limited Release Review
        Kathryn C.
        United States United States

        Husband Loves This Beard Oil!

        I've ordered this oil for my husband multiple times. I've tried to cheap out on store brands but he insists this is the best. We both like the smell of The Viking and will continue to purchase. Thanks!

        Tisha L.
        United States United States

        We both love this stuff

        A few years back I bought him a sampler pack, and since then he's gone through a couple bottles of this beard oil. This really helps combat dry skin on his face in the winter without the need for using girly moisturizer products. He prefers the Viking. I think that's because he just likes to feel like a Viking, and I'm good with that.

        Mark L.
        United States United States

        Great product

        I’m at the helm of my ship with the Viking oil scent in the wind, and my shield maiden beckoning me! This is the best scent I’ve found and it leaves my beard looking majestic!

        Whiskey, Ink, & Lace The Viking Beard Oil - Limited Release Review
        Greg B.
        United States United States

        Smell like a warrior

        This is the best sent for beard oil. My wife loves it. Not only does it make my beard soft but it always smells amazing. Gives you that masculine smell without it having to be sawdust.

        Joel C.
        United States United States

        Viking Beard Oil

        It's Very Nice! The lady's like it too.

        Cameron H.
        United States

        One Word: AMAZING!

        I have been getting The Viking Beard Oil for over a year now. It’s the kind of scent that one just cannot move from, however, I have liked every scent that I have tried from Whiskey Ink & Lace.

        James F.
        United States

        Love the Viking

        The Viking is probably my hands down favorite, followed by the Pirate, and then the Lumberjack. The scent fades a little but lingers long enough to make me happy. You guys rock the casbah!!!

        JAMES K.
        United States

        It comes from the lands of ice and snow

        This beard oil is the motherckuffing bomb - great feel, wonderful scent, and amazing longevity. It’ll keep your whiskers smooth and supple all day and night. Love this stuff, try it with the Beard Balm for some extra Viking love!

        Whiskey, Ink, & Lace The Viking Beard Oil - Limited Release Review
        JAMES K.
        United States

        Viking Oil Review

        This oil is fantastic; the scent is subtle and comfortable, with notes of old forest and longhalls. The oil is thick enough to feel, not so light it disappears, and keeps the whiskers soft and luxurious all day long. This is my go-to at WI&L, you cant go wrong with the Viking!

        Janae T.
        United States


        This is my fiance's go to beard oil. He and I ABSOLUTELY love the smell and his beard is luxuriously soft and manageable. Thank you for this GREAT beard oil!!

        Tyler G.
        United States

        No Regurts!

        I have been using this oil for a few weeks now.. loving it so far! Ready to try some of the other scents!

        Whiskey, Ink, & Lace The Viking Beard Oil - Limited Release Review
        Jim H.
        United States

        Viking has ships ruling the seas and hearts of all!

        Good. I want Ranger back in the lineup. Ranger RULES over Viking.