October 23, 2018 2 min read

How do you get unclogged pores? It’s a question that yields 645,000 Google search results. Some advise a baking soda scrub; others recommend having a professional pull them out with metal tools (ouch). With so many possible answers, it’s hard to wade through the bullshit and find a real answer.

Well, the answer is surprisingly simple. Add facial toner to your nightly routine. It’s completely painless and easy to use. Even if you’ve already got a routine set, adding this one step can make all the difference.

Just adding facial toner to your nightly routine will reduce oily skin and acne. Here are 6 reasons why you should be using facial toner daily.

  1. It shrinks your pores
    • Applying some toner to a cotton ball and blotting your face will remove oil and make your pores smaller.
  2. It rebalances your skin’s pH balance
    • When you scrub your makeup off with regular soap, it knocks your pH balance out of whack. When your pH balance is off, your skin is gonna kick itself into high gear to compensate, which can result in oily skin. Using a toner can actually help bring your pH balance back to normal very quickly, resolving the problem.
  3. It moisturizes
    • Facial toners also bind moisture to the skin.
  4. It adds protection
    • Toners can help close your pores after cleaning your face. That’ll reduce the impurities and environmental contaminates that can get in your skin.
  5. It refreshes your skin
    • Toner is great for washing your skin when it’s oily or dirty and will revitalize your skin.
  6. It can prevent ingrown hair
    • Most toners contain certain alpha hydroxyl acids that will help prevent those painful ingrown hairs you might get when grooming.

Toner can make a huge difference in the way your face looks. Using it nightly after using a cleanser, toner can remove all the makeup and dirt you might still have on your face. At Whiskey, Ink, and Lace, our brand new LACE Rose Water Toner is great for all skin types and will help you look better than ever. And with such a small ingredient list, you know what you’re putting on your face. Only natural ingredients. Always.

Don't forget to follow up with a good moisturizer, too!

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