Three Reasons to Grow a Beard

  • by Andi Murphy
Three Reasons to Grow a Beard

Growing a beard is a very personal decision and one which should not be taken lightly. Your face is one of your most important assets and the one thing that makes an immediate first impression with the people that you meet. There are many reasons why men decide to grow a beard, so let's consider some of the main advantages of sporting facial hair:


1. You don't have to shave anymore

This is perhaps the number one reason why men choose to grow a beard. Imagine waking up in the morning and not having to bother with shaving foam, razor blades or any of the other paraphernalia that surrounds shaving. You can now leave the morning routine to just a shower and a comb of your hair before leaving the house. Although this sounds good in principle, you will need to groom your beard occasionally. There will still be a need to trim your beard to the desired length and possibly shape some areas, depending on how adventurous you want to be.

Image credits: gwilymcpugh

2. Explore the new you

A beard can give you a dramatically different appearance compared to when you are cleanly shaven. Model Gwilym Pugh can attest to how much it can change your life, as he went from unhappy and overweight to a beard model thanks to his barber's recommendation to grow a beard.

Experiment with your facial hair to accentuate your best features and hide any imperfections; enjoy the new persona that you gain by sporting a beard and the extra confidence it gives you. Many men report feeling more assured with a beard and that it gives extra gravitas when they are trying to influence or persuade others. It can be fascinating to see how people react differently to you when you have a beard and you can use this to your advantage in many different areas of life, from professional work environments to romantic encounters.

Beards are attractive 

3. Attraction

Women are often lured by beards with a subliminal appeal to their primitive instincts; the beard is a sign of masculinity that can prove irresistible to the opposite sex. Try this as a scientific experiment and study the reaction of women when you have a beard and when you are cleanly shaven; chances are that you may notice small signs and clues that the women in your company are more attentive and receptive than normal- a clear sign that the beard is working its magic!

And not just women are attracted to them. Men are, too, whether it's sexual (stop squirming, you children) or simply because the beards provide a common brotherly bond.


A beard is a way of expressing your own individuality and allows you to interact with the world in new ways. For many, it can dramatically improve confidence and social interaction. Try growing a beard and see the benefits for yourself!

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