August 16, 2018 2 min read

As you’ve heard from us in the last few weeks, things are changing at Whiskey, Ink, & Lace. Today, we are announcing that we’re saying goodbye to two of our signature scents:

The Captain & The Woodsman


The Captain and The Woodsman will remain on sale until our current stock is gone, then that's it.

Whether these were your favorites or you’ve never tried them, now is the best time to stock up!

Both of these scents have been with us for a while. For those who've been around from the start, you may remember that The Woodsman was originally introduced simply as our Cedarwood Aftershave. We didn't even have a proper name for it, but it was such a huge hit, that after a year, we gave it its moniker and it began to thrive.

The Captain was originally The Duke. We felt like the name, The Duke, just didn't resonate with you guys and us as well as we'd hoped. It had relevance to the ingredients, but I mean... there are no dukes in America, ya know? Besides the college, that is. So we renamed it and we saw it start to grow in popularity.

But unfortunately, some things just never take off the way we hope. The scents got lots of love, but we're in need of some focus and extra shelf space here in the Whiskey, Ink, & Lace lab so that we can continue to keep pace and grow with you guys. For that reason, we had to make a really hard decision.

It's a sad parting, but it's not a permanent goodbye...

Will these scents be back in the future? You'll just have to stay tuned. We suggest following us on Facebook or Instagram and keeping an eye on future Limited Release beard oils. ;)

Your friends,

The Team at Whiskey, Ink, and Lace 

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