How to Grow and Style a Handlebar Mustache

How to Grow and Style a Handlebar Mustache

It’s the default symbol of what a mustache looks like and the new de-facto choice for many mustachio’d men today. It is reminiscent of roaring 20’s boxers and dappered gentlemen everywhere. I am course referring to the handlebar mustache.


For those who aren’t yet familiar with the handlebar mustache, it is typically a well-groomed mustache with the ends twisted up to resemble a pair of handlebars. It’s infinitely more refined than a regular mustache and helps you stand out in the crowd with a look that says, “Why, yes, I do always look this good.”

In the last few years, there’s been a rise in the number of men that don the handlebar, most of which are hispters. But you don’t have to be a hipster to pull this mustache off well.

Regardless of style, any man can pull off the handlebar mustache as long as he is patient, committed, and wears it with pride. Here’s how to grow and style a handlebar mustache.

1. Grow a mustache

This might seem pretty obvious, but it needs to be said.

In order for you to grow that mustache of your dreams, you’re gonna need to grow that stache out. You’ll need to leave it alone for a few months before you can even think about styling it.

Don’t trim it at all. Put those scissors down! Hide them away so you won’t be tempted! Even when the hair starts getting in your mouth, don’t touch it. It’ll all be worth it when you turn heads with your glorious mustache.

To avoid trimming temptation and an awkward growing period, leave your beard alone as well. Personally, I love a handlebar-beard combo anyway, but that’s just me.

2. Training your mustache

(Cue Rocky training music) It’s time to get that hair trained right. Training your hair basically means that you’re getting your hair to start naturally falling in a certain way.

So once your hairs are starting grow to a respectable length (don’t trim it yet!), use a mustache comb and brush your mustache hairs outwards from your inner lip. Try to do this every day. Eventually, the hairs will start staying in that direction naturally.

An important aspect of training hairs is having the right products.

  • You’ll need some mustache wax, which will keep the hairs in formation.
  • You’ll also need a good mustache comb. There are number of great options available on Amazon, but we like the one’s from Kent.
  • Having some beard oil nearby is a good idea for growing a mustache. It’ll nourish the hair and skin to create the optimum environment for hair growth.

3. Time to start styling

After about six to eight weeks, you should start seeing enough results to get that handlebar started.

If you’ve been doing your training correctly, the ends of the mustache will start naturally curling up. Keep combing and applying your mustache wax, only now, start twisting the ends up.

You can curl the hair as much as you want. Just make sure the twists are even. Pretty soon, you’ll have a real, honest to god handlebar on your face. But that doesn’t mean this is the last step.

4. Maintenance

That’s right. In order to keep that handlebar looking sharp, you need to maintain it well. That means weekly trimmings, which can be tricky if you don’t have a steady hand.

Use scissors and a comb when trimming and be very mindful of what you’re doing. Never forget the golden rule of trimming: symmetry. Make absolutely sure that everything is the same length. Nothing looks goofier than an uneven handlebar mustache.

Also, continue to use mustache wax, beard oil, and keep it clean with beard shampoo. A clean mustache is a happy mustache.

Don't do this. That's nasty.

 (Don't do this. That's nasty)


A handlebar mustache is one of the best ways to show the world just how unique you are. Growing one shows the world that you care about the way you look and when you decide to do something, you commit to it.

If you need a little mustache inspiration (or beards-piration, as the kids say), check out some of the pictures below for some fantastic handlebar mustaches. And get all your mustache growing supplies from Whiskey, Ink, and Lace.



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(I'm kidding. Don't do this)



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  • Hello I recently sent a message I’m an avid reader of Chap Magazine and have been growing my handlebar moustache for well over a year now and just thought I would make a comment about being a chap with a Handlebar moustache so many thanks all the best Steve

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