How to Apply Beard Oil Like an Expert

  • by Andi Murphy
How to Apply Beard Oil Like an Expert

You need to know how to maintain your beard and apply an oil like an expert if you're serious about looking your best. Your face is the window to your personality, and you can ensure people get a glimpse of the real you when they first set eyes on you by taming your facial hair using the following essential tips.

First, though, you'll benefit from knowing a little about what beard oil is and why it's a vital ingredient in every self-respecting man's grooming routine. Plus, it won't hurt to dispel a few beard oil myths to put your mind at rest.

What is beard oil

What is beard oil?

The idea of putting oil in your whiskers might seem strange until you realize how you can benefit from applying it to your facial fuzz. Have you ever noticed how your beard gets dry and brittle and your skin itches? Oil addresses the issue since it moisturizes your facial hair and penetrates the skin beneath, leaving softness in its wake.

Beard owners who don't use oil or another type of conditioning treatment can experience hair breakage and find growing a long, healthy beard hard as a result. Additionally, their whiskers can look unkempt and be rough to the touch.

There are some myths surrounding beard oil, including:

Oil makes your beard greasy -- If you think beard oil will make your facial fuzz greasy, no wonder you haven't used it yet. The truth be known, it doesn't leave an oily residue when applied in small amounts. You only need a few drops, depending on the length of your whiskers. The oil will hydrate your beard and skin, improving their texture and health.

Beard oil makes skin breakout in spots -- If your skin is prone to outbreaks, don't worry, beard oil won't exacerbate the condition. Indeed, the essential oils found in many products made with natural ingredients can help to heal skin and keep moisture levels balanced at the same time.

Beard oil isn't for manly men -- Again, the opposite is true. Plenty of manly men use the oil to increase their handsomeness, and they find it enhances their masculine appeal. At the same time, good grooming is associated with confidence and self-respect, so looking after your whiskers signals your self-assurance to the world.

How to prepare before using beard oil

Beard oil is a moisturizing product. Just like you wouldn't apply conditioner to the hair on your head when it's dirty, it's best not to use oil on an unwashed beard. Taking a shower will cleanse your facial hair, as long as you shampoo and rinse it properly. Doing so will also open the pores of your skin, making it receptive to the oil's moisturizing properties.

After showering, towel dry your beard and look in the mirror. Have your whiskers gone astray? If you enjoy a neat look, snip or shave away unkempt strands of hair, until you achieve the shape you like.

How to apply beard oil

Comb your whiskers into place, and then place a few drops of oil into the palm of your hand. The amount of oil to use depends on how long your beard is, but as a rule of thumb about three drops will suit a medium-sized beard. Of course, your personal preference should be taken into account, plus, how dry your whiskers are at present.

Next, wipe the palm to which you've applied the oil across your other palm, and smooth the oil to the tips of your fingers. Rub the oil into your beard, starting around the chin area, and work up around your cheeks. Make sure your fingers touch your skin under your facial fuzz so it can benefit from the oil's moisture.

Continue to apply the oil, stroking it down the length of your beard to its tip. When you've finished, use a sandalwood comb or brush to smooth your facial hair into shape and carry the oil entirely through the strands. Afterward, your whiskers will feel soft, smell terrific, and be shiny and neat.


Now you can apply beard oil like an expert, and since you know the benefits of using it, you may be keen to add it to your grooming routine. If you do, others are bound to admire your newfound habit, and you will wonder why you didn't develop it sooner.

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