Do Beards Grow Faster in Summer? Summer Beard Maintenance 101

  • by Mike Wargo
Do Beards Grow Faster in Summer? Summer Beard Maintenance 101

Whether you’re beginning your beard journey or continuing it, there’s no better time to grow than the summer. Yes, you read that right. Your facial hair actually grows faster when the sun’s out. Despite many men’s (foolish) decision to shave their face manes for the summer, it’s an effort that is rendered less effective by the summer months.

I used to operate under the assumption that our bodies had evolved to grow hair faster in the winter. One would think our bodies would adapt to the colder months by producing hair at a faster rate. But, I, like many others, are wrong. According to some researchers in the UK, beard growth rates actually dramatically increases in the summer, especially in July.

There are a number of reasons for this boosted facial hair growth.

More activity

With the rise in temperature and sunshine, we tend to be more active. We spend more time doing things outside to enjoy the weather. This could be in the form of various sports like basketball, baseball, football, volleyball, etc.


With all this activity comes a boost in testosterone, the most essential ingredient in facial hair growth.

More sun

Along with all this activity, spending a lot of time outside means you’re soaking up the sun. That means you’re absorbing a lot of vitamin D, another big testosterone booster. The more time you spend out in the sun, the more likely you’re going to be helping your hair grow.

Now you may take this as bad news. You may be thinking you’re going to either have to shave more or suffer through the beard sweats. But the fact is beards don’t actually make you hotter in the summer as long as you take proper care of it.


There are a few keys to growing or keeping a beard through the summer. The first and probably most important is keeping it clean.

1. Clean It

You won’t sweat more with a beard than without, but that doesn’t mean you won’t still sweat. And when that happens, you want to be prepared. Have some natural beard shampoo on hand and wash daily. It’ll keep your beard clean, smelling fresh, and will moisturize the skin under the hair. A clean beard is a happy beard. 

2. Patience

The second key to growing your beard in the summer is perseverance. This of course can be said about growing your beard all year round, but during the summer, it can feel easier just to give yourself a shave and not have to put up with the issues that come with the beginning stages of growing a beard.

The first few weeks of growing your beard is often wrought with beard itch, certainly not aided by sweat. In the first few weeks of growing your beard, apply some beard oils to your face and keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. That moisture is going to go under your skin and nourish your hair follicles, promoting growth. 

3. Maintenance

Now that you have that summer beard, the key to it looking great is regular trimming. You can grow your beard to whatever length you want. It’s your beard. It’s an extension of your soul.

But keeping your beard well kempt and groomed is an essential part of growing a great beard and keeping it looking fresh throughout the summer.

Keep using the oil and shampoo to keep it clean out sweat.

Investing in an electric trimmer will help you regularly tame the beard. Regular trimmings will help it look good without  


During those hot months of June to September, the fear of perpetual beard sweat is very real. However, through proper care and cleaning, your beard can be just as majestic and awe-inspiring in the summer as in winter.

With any number of Whiskey, Ink, and Lace’s beard shampoos, oils, and balms, your summer beard will grow and flourish the way you deserve it to.

So if you're looking to have a great big beard this winter, getting started now is your best bet to success.

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