April 13, 2018 2 min read

If you were to look in your medicine cabinet right now, what are the odds you’ve got something petroleum based in there? I’d guess pretty likely. Petroleum is in a large number of cosmetic products, including lotions, pomades, skincare (like many tattoo aftercare products).

  Is Petroleum Bad For Your Skin?

Petroleum-based products are bad for your new tattoo

Many tattoo artists have been known to prescribe products like Aquaphor and A&D ointment to treat new tattoos. These products are easy enough to find in your nearest pharmacy and are relatively cheap. But they can actually impede the healing of your new tattoo. For starters, petroleum creates an exterior barrier over your skin, preventing moisture and air from getting into the skin, two things needed for proper healing of the skin. And perhaps just as bad, petroleum repels water, which can prevent you from being able to clean your new tattoo properly. Which means if there’s any dirt under the skin, it’s staying put.


Petroleum-based products can worsen acne

When applying petroleum-based products to your body, that barrier we just talked about blocks your skin pores. Those blocked pores will keep your skin from being able to breathe properly and trap in nasty dirty and oil-leading to painful pimples and ugly blackheads.


Petroleum cannot be metabolized.

According to a 2011 study conducted by Women’s Health, petroleum has been shown to stay in the body long after it’s made contact with the skin. After putting a petroleum-based product on your skin or hair, it essentially seeps through the skin cells into your bloodstream and ends up being stored in your fat cells. And since some components of the chemical makeup of petroleum can be toxic, those toxic ingredients will be in your body for a long-ass time.


The chemicals in petroleum have been linked to cancer

You know those toxins I just mentioned? The ones that hang out in your fat cells? The ones that have been found in petroleum based products? Well, those suckers have been shown to cause cancer. According to the Environmental Working Group, approximately 80 percent of cosmetics could be contaminated with several impurities that are linked to cancer and other health concerns.


If these reasons are concerning to you at all, it’s time you look into investing in better, petroleum-free products. Though they can cost a bit more than your typical cosmetic, it is, in the long run, much better treatment for you and your body. At Whiskey, Ink, and Lace, we keep petroleum out of our products and out of your body.

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