Quick 'n Dirty Hot Toddy Recipe

  • by Andi Whiskey
I am finally getting sick. I've gone for almost a year avoiding every bug and flu that popped up, but my immune system has finally given in. So for Whiskey Wednesday, I found it appropriate to make a hot toddy. They're quick, easy, and my go-to when my throat starts hurting. Of course, I'm using bourbon for my hot toddy, but it's great with brandy or other whiskies, as well. Hot Toddy Recipe I picked out this particular bourbon for today's hot toddy because it provides a much heartier flavor than the sometimes sour, biting taste a hot toddy can have. You can definitely taste the difference with the Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon. It provides a fuller flavor to the whole drink, with the sweet smoky twist. Give it a try, yourself! Hot Toddy Recipe By the way, this recipe and my photos are based on my how-to-make-it-super-quick-so-I-can-quit-being-miserable-sooner method. Hence the man-handling the lemon like a barbarian of sorts. It gets the job done, though. Don't judge. Plus, I've made this so many times now that I know the portions by sight. I recommend being a little more precise on your first try, and also feel free to adjust to taste. Hot Toddy But anyways, hot toddys are actually highly beneficial for a cold or cough, beyond just being booze to consume. There are even doctors who will recommend these over cough syrup (I'm not recommending that, per se. Talk to your doctor before doing using this in place of anything they suggest, please). The heat of the drink, along with the honey act to soothe your throat. The lemon supposedly helps with throat pain, too, but I mostly think of it as being a hearty dose of vitamin C to get my system back to running okay. So now I'm off to enjoy my hot cup of booze. Enjoy your Whiskey Wednesday, folks! [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:6]

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