Bourbon Nog Shortcut Recipe

  • by Andi Whiskey
It's eggnog season! And the customary liquor to add to the creamy drink is brandy. But since I'm a bourbon girl, myself, I mixed it up with a bit of good ol' whiskey. I've been having this with dinner, after dinner, after after dinner. It's delicious and addicting and goes down so smooth. IMG_0892 I'll admit, this is quite a bit like the creamy rum recipe, except the egg makes it a good bit thicker. It has a slightly more eggnog taste. It's more my favorite, but I'm also more partial to bourbon. You can decide what to offer between the two at holiday parties based on what you have on stock. Or if you have anyone squeamish to the idea of drinking raw eggs, you may want to go with the rum recipe, or just skip the egg in this recipe. I do HIGHLY recommend this with Eagle Rare bourbon or Bernheim. Try to stick with darker, smoother bourbons. I love the Eagle Rare because it has a creamy taste of its own. IMG_0888 The beauty of this recipe is that unlike other eggnog cocktail recipes, it requires fewer ingredients and still tastes fantastic. It's light enough for dinner, sweet and creamy enough for dessert, and will quickly be everyone's favorite. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:2]

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