September 30, 2017

This is a BIG announcement, guys. I've been really excited about the development of this new brand. We have had many requests for more products for women.

I've gone a step further. We've created an entire brand with more of a feminine lean. But not froux froux and fluff. It's the good stuff.

You know how we do.

It's just as natural, just as carefully formulated, and just as awesome. But with new scents!

We'll be rolling out with lots of new products for LACE in coming months. We recommend heading over to the LACE Facebook and LACE Instagram and giving us a follow to make sure you're up on all the awesome new stuff!

What does this mean for you? Well if this is more your thing than beard oils and mustache wax (foreshadowing?), then we did this just for you! If you're more of a bearded or man's man guy type, as many of you are, then if you have ladies in your life, treat them to something nice this coming holiday season. You know we make quality stuff, so you know they'll love it, too!

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