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This is a BIG announcement, guys. I’ve been really excited about the development of this new brand.

We have had many requests for more products for women. I’ve gone a step further. We’ve created an entire brand with more of a feminine lean. But not froux froux and fluff. It’s the good stuff. You know how we do. Read More

Aug 30.2017 Bulletin – Stronger Scent for The Connoisseur Body Wash

We received feedback from a few of you about The Connoisseur Body Wash not smelling strong enough.

NOTE: Our body washes are not meant to replace colognes. Our Body Washes are scented for aromatherapy purposes with natural essential oils for extra benefit. They will not smell as strong as our beard oils. This is for a few reasons. Our beard oil base does not carry its own scent, so the essential oil blends stand out stronger. Our Body Washes are saponified vegan oils, which carry a smell of soap. The essential oils blend with that to create a soapy-scent. It’s how it goes. Body washes that you buy at big box stores have artificial chemicals and fragrance oils in them to make the scent cling to your skin, but that’s not natural and can also contain neurotoxins and cause health issues. We avoid ingredients like that because we only create natural products we believe will fully benefit you, not harm you.

That being said, we have increased the concentration of scent in The Connoisseur Body Wash to try to get the blend to carry more of its lovely coffee/cocoa notes with the soap.

We have pulled our current batches in stock and re-scented them and will make sure our formulations going forward are a little stronger.

If you have any questions, comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

And as always, thanks for your feedback! Feel free to email with any thoughts.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

What do you get the best dad for Father’s Day?

Only the best.

Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for Dad.

Whiskey, Ink, & Lace Beard Kit

The ultimate Father’s Day present. Our kits include a beard shampoo bar, a tin of beard balm, and our popular beard oil.  Beard Kits come in all of our manly scents. Whether your dad is a viking or a lumberjack, he’s sure to love this gift.

Whiskey, Ink, & Lace Solid Cologne

Solid cologne is the way to go. It’s travel and TSA friendly and all natural. Made with our all natural, vegan oils, it won’t leave a bad chemical smell on your skin. Just a manly one. The one he wants.

Original Grain Watches

Based out of the Pacific Northwest, Original Grain make unique timepieces that suggest a certain smart and utilitarian attitude. The mixture of natural wood and metal is perfect for the craftsman in your house.

Bookers Bourbon

Food critic Morgan Murphy said, “The dark reddish brown liquid packs a serious punch with its high proof. But the robust, sweet, smooth flavor and cedar notes makes Booker’s a favorite.” Bookers Bourbon is a delicious, smooth, oaky whiskey. If he likes whiskey, he’ll like Bookers.

The Uncommon Green Rocks Glasses

For the reader and the drinker, Uncommon Greens Literature Rocks Glasses are the party conversation starter. Read and drink up!

Anything we’re forgetting?

Comment below with some cool gift ideas for Dad!

Article in Nashville Business Journal

Article by Eleanor Kennedy

“Coming soon to Elm Hill Pike: scented candles, men’s grooming products and a speakeasy-style barbershop.”

“It’s all part of entrepreneur Andi Murphy‘s mini-retail empire, combined under the umbrella company Whiskey Business. Just last week Murphy moved from Seattle to Nashville, and she’s hard at work readying 5,000 square feet of space at 1423 Elm Hill Pike to serve as her company’s warehouse, showroom and more.”

Read more at:

From the PNW to the South

The warehouse in WA, before they moved in.

For Andi “Whiskey” of Whiskey Business, expanding her businesses to Nashville from the Pacific Northwest made perfect sense. When she moves from Seattle in May with her husband Mark Murphy, she wants to jump right into becoming a part of the unique and growing community of creative small businesses flourishing in Music City. Whiskey is a serial entrepreneur by definition, having started and run a number of businesses (everything from private bartending services in Hollywood to a downhill skateboard magazine, which is reportedly where her name came from).

Her enterprising journey began when she was 16 years old. She opened her first business, a web design business that grew into a marketing company over 10 years’ time. Little did she know that one small decision would launch her into the “empire of soap and beard oil” she has now. When a client asked for copywriting services for DIY blog posts about homemade skin care products, Whiskey dove in, experimenting with different ideas for natural skincare using unique when she came up with a bar of soap made with coffee and beer.

“The client ended up not using the post, so I posted a picture of the soap for my followers on Google+ — I had over 6,000 followers at the time on that weird social network — and then they asked me if they could buy it,” she said.

Whiskey threw together an ecommerce website, but when orders started pouring in, she realized she was onto something. It was the birth of her next business.

Today, Whiskey, Ink, & Lace’s top selling product lines include all natural beard oil, vegan tattoo care, natural skincare made from unique ingredients like coffee, and more. Business picked up
so much that she quickly started hiring and things exploded. She moved the business from where it started in the boonies of North Carolina out to Portland, OR. A year later, she relocated to Seattle, WA.

The first Seattle workspace… It was small, awkward, but exciting.

Now, she has multiple sub-brands totaling over 200 natural, handcrafted products that are stocked in hundreds of shops all over the world. One of those shops happens to be Welcome Home, located in East Nashville, where her natural men’s grooming products have been stocked for the past few years. She also handles a bustling online store that ships globally.

“I prefer to work direct-to-customer so I know the experience they’re getting,” she said. “It’s really important that from the unboxing of the product to using the product itself, the customers
enjoy their interaction.”

When Whiskey and her husband move to Nashville this summer, her business won’t be relocating — it will be expanding. Operations will continue in Seattle, and be shipping from both WA and TN. This improves their nationwide distribution, ensuring their products will only take up to three days to arrive anywhere in the U.S. for more affordable shipping prices.

“A positive experience for our customers includes receiving their orders as quickly as we can hand-make them and get them to their doors.”

Whiskey also is working to open a barbershop attached to the Whiskey, Ink, & Lace warehouse in Nashville shortly after they settle in. The barbers will have direct feedback about the products she makes — and she plans to make them right next door to their warehouse, which is located on the way out of downtown, towards the airport.

Andi, upon first getting the keys to their new Nashville warehouse… 3x bigger than any other space they’ve had.

“It’s a weird place for a barbershop, for sure, but that’s why I love it,” she said. “It’s away from the hustle and bustle of downtown and all that chaos. We want to create a speakeasy-style experience, so when our customers step into this space, it really feels like you are away from all the craziness for a while.”

Whiskey’s biggest goal is to get to know the community in Nashville, find where she fits in, and help contribute.

“I chose Nashville because I want to be part of the community. I love the city,” she said. “I also want to help out other local makers. We’ll be injecting ourselves into the community and finding out where we can participate and help out.”

For more information about Whiskey’s businesses, visit

How to Grow a Beard Faster and Fuller

Ernest HemingwaySo, you want know how to grow a beard.

Great! You’ll be joining the grizzled ranks of some of mankind’s most respected leaders, thinkers, lovers, and badasses (rank and share your favorite historical beards in the comments below). Unfortunately, beard growth isn’t equal-opportunity. You might want to grow a chin curtain as epic as Travis Frederick or Hemingway, and you might want to know how to grow a beard FAST, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to. Here is the not-so-encouraging reason why:

Biology Affects Facial Hair Growth

We won’t bore you with the details but the gist of it is testosterone plays a HUGE role in how FAST you can grow your beard, how THICK your beard is, if you end up with a patchy beard, or if you’re ABLE to grow a beard at all.

The fact of the matter is if you weren’t born with the right set of follicles on your face or if you have low T, you won’t be able to grow that epic beard naturally. Simply put, testosterone will make or break your beard growth.

Biology has dealt the cards, and you’ve gotta play with what you’ve got whether or not it’s a winning hand.

“Natural” Beard Growth Creams are Bogus

Some of you can (and do!) grow epic beards like it’s nobody’s business, but as for the rest, well, you may have to learn to live with that wimpy scruff. And no matter what the snake-oil salesmen tell you, there isn’t any natural beard growth oil or beard growth cream you can spend money on to make your beard naturally grow faster, or make your beard naturally come in thicker.

Sure, you might be able to find some crazy synthetic chemical topical cream to slather on your face that’ll alter your ability to sprout bristles…but do so at your own risk. Avoid these peddlers at all costs; they’re just looking to cash in on your hopes and dreams…and ruin them in the process (in the old days, frauds like that would be run out of town on a rail!). But if you must, we recommend checking with your doctor first to make sure there won’t be adverse effects.

But hold up, don’t get discouraged! There is some good news. If you want to grow a beard, grow your facial hair faster and fuller by making sure your follicles are getting the testosterone they need to grow. Here are two ways you can improve beard growth:

Healthy Diet for Beard Growth1. Keep a Healthy Diet to Boost Beard Growth

Boost your testosterone by eating foods rich in the minerals needed to get T production started (remember, your follicles depend on it!). Certain foods can help this by removing the estrogens that reduce T levels (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage). Avoid low-cholesterol and low-fat fad diets. Research suggests healthy consumption of fat and cholesterol actually increases levels of testosterone in men. Bottom line: avoid crap food, it doesn’t have the nutrients you need to promote beard growth.


2. Spur Beard Growth by Keeping it Clean

Encourage beard growth by keeping those hair follicles clean and your face moisturized. This will remove dead skin cells and anything else that might be holding back your scruff. You want to give those follicles a fighting chance at producing the best hairs possible. A natural beard wash shampoo will keep you clean and a good beard oil will help you keep your skin moisturized and healthy (having trouble choosing one? Try our Full Beard Oil Sampler Kit to find the right one for you). Bottom line: take some time to maintain the mane; you won’t regret it.

Good luck and keep us posted on your bearded ventures!

For more information about beard washes and beard oils, check out our tips on caring for a winter beard.

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2. Effect of Testosterone Administration on the Beard Growth of Elderly Males,
3. Alteration of character of male beard growth,
4. Testosterone and cortisol in relationship to dietary nutrients and resistance exercise,

3 Tips to Care for Your Winter Beard

Well, the weather outside is frightful… and your beard might not look so delightful if you’re not taking the correct measures to keep it moisturized, groomed, and pruned.  Winter beards often come out looking scraggly and less like Santa’s luscious mane and more like a gang of wispy Irish pennants that would ignite quickly with a lighter.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Try Solid Cologne

Scent is EVERYTHING. It can draw you into a restaurant, convince you to buy movie popcorn, or even make you want to curl up with the stranger beside you (hey, we won’t judge, but buy ‘em a whiskey, first!). Having your own personal scent/s can boost confidence and influence your mood, as well as those around you! It can help make you feel like…you. At Whiskey, Ink, and Lace we are constantly trying new scents to wow our (olfactory) organs. But what about improved ways to wear your go-to scents?

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Rosemary Essential Oil Benefits - Photo Credit

3 Underrated Essential Oils

Obviously here at Whiskey, Ink, & Lace, we work with a lot of essential oils, since that’s what we use to scent all of our natural skincare, hair care, and men’s grooming products. There are a few that we think are very underrated in the “oiler” and natural living world. You need these in your life… somehow. We can help.

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News: Business Expansion – We’re moving!

Good news for all of our friends, fans, and followers!

Business has been good to us these past couple of years, and we’re taking the next step in expanding our space!

This month, we are tripling our workspace footage and moving into a new glorious, spacious warehouse here in the Pacific Northwest.

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Beard Balm Vs. Beard Oil

Over at Whiskey, Ink, & Lace, we have everything a man needs to keep his beard in check. From our Shave Kits for keeping it trimmed to our Beard Shampoo for keeping it clean, we do our best to make sure every beard can find its perfect match.

A common question when it comes to beard styling is: what’s the difference is between beard balm and beard oil?

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All Natural Hair Care Routine

This article is going to contain a large number of photos of my disastrously crazy hair.

To establish my credibility when it comes to hair care, just look at the photos. Hair stylists run from me. Curly hair is usually voluminous, but thin. Mine’s not. It’s thick. Curly. Crazy. And has a mind of its own. I don’t touch it with a brush and rarely use a comb, and never use any heat on it (curling iron, flat iron, blow dryer, etc.) because bad things happen when I do, so I’ve always struggled to find products to care for it.

I’ve finally fallen on the following all natural remedies that keep it tame, healthy, and beautiful, and I’ve found that they work for all hair types, so I highly recommend trying them out!

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Quick ‘n Dirty Hot Toddy Recipe

I am finally getting sick. I’ve gone for almost a year avoiding every bug and flu that popped up, but my immune system has finally given in.

So for Whiskey Wednesday, I found it appropriate to make a hot toddy. They’re quick, easy, and my go-to when my throat starts hurting. Read More

Coffee Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

I stumbled across the inspiration for this cocktail and knew it would have to be this week’s Whiskey Wednesday. I even picked out a brand new bottle of bourbon for it. It’s been a stressful week, so coffee has been helping me survive. Coffee and bourbon together? You just can’t go wrong there.

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Bourbon Nog Shortcut Recipe

It’s eggnog season! And the customary liquor to add to the creamy drink is brandy. But since I’m a bourbon girl, myself, I mixed it up with a bit of good ol’ whiskey.

I’ve been having this with dinner, after dinner, after after dinner. It’s delicious and addicting and goes down so smooth.


I’ll admit, this is quite a bit like the creamy rum recipe, except the egg makes it a good bit thicker. It has a slightly more eggnog taste. It’s more my favorite, but I’m also more partial to bourbon. You can decide what to offer between the two at holiday parties based on what you have on stock. Or if you have anyone squeamish to the idea of drinking raw eggs, you may want to go with the rum recipe, or just skip the egg in this recipe.

I do HIGHLY recommend this with Eagle Rare bourbon or Bernheim. Try to stick with darker, smoother bourbons. I love the Eagle Rare because it has a creamy taste of its own.

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Creamy Spiced Rum Recipe

This is an absolutely fantastic Christmas party drink. I made it for my boyfriend and a friend of his, and was then asked to make it again. And again. And again. Read More

Gluten Free Pancakes for One Recipe

I’m not a big eater to begin with, but I also often end up eating by myself or I’m the only unfortunate one eating the gluten free food. Part of the problem with this is most recipes are for 2 or more people. So here’s a quick and easy recipe for gluten free pancakes for one person. Read More

Greek Yogurt & Honey Face Mask DIY

Maybe it’s a bit sacrilegious, in which case I apologize, but I like to think of this mask as the promised land mask. This is a Greek yogurt and honey face mask with spices, which just reminds me of the story of the promised land in the Old Testament, which was supposed to be flowing with milk and honey.

This is a super easy to make face mask that moisturizes while it brightens, lightens, and fights blemishes.

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Why I tossed out all my tea tree oil

For a minute, I was a huge tea tree oil advocate. With all of the great benefits everyone talked about, I wanted to use it in all of my face care products.

Then someone sent me some interesting information about the oil. So I dove into the research he provided, as well as some other case studies I dug up. Now I’m sharing with you my findings so you understand why I tossed out all my tea tree oil and am now an advocate for others doing the same.

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Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

I’m not a fan of Starbucks coffee. But for some reason, that fall bug bites me, and I get all excited when I hear that they’re making their famous Pumpkin Spice Latte again. Read More