Our Immutable Laws

Every product is a gift.

We strive to make every product and every order like a gift to YOU, our customers.
You are like family to us, and what we make is our gift to you, above and beyond expectations
and carefully formulated to be good for you and enrich your life, naturally.

Small feet.

We leave as small a footprint as possible.
We reduce, reuse, recycle, and choose the best option for the environment whenever possible.

Respect the chemistry.

We care about every ingredient, how it’s added, how much, what temperature.
We formulate our products with care and concern for our end users and for the environment.
We use recyclable glass and plastic in our products and choose sustainably and
locally-sourced ingredients wherever possible to provide the best final product.

Edgy, naturally.

We provide our customers with unique products never seen before, using
ingredients, ideas, & concepts that have not been used before, and challenging the common
idea of skincare and natural living with new approaches.

About Us

Whiskey, Ink, & Lace is a collection of bath & body goods with rustic americana flair that will treat your life to a li’l handcrafted lovin’.

Inspired by both urban and country living, there are hints of the rustic, the inventive, the practical, the rather eccentric, and occasionally the absurd in the handcrafted Whiskey, Ink, & Lace products.

We are an artisan company based out of Nashville, TN and Seattle, WA area. Every single ingredient in our products is thoroughly researched, so that everything added in the products provides added benefits for our end users. There are no harmful chemicals, and everything’s all natural.
Natural Beard OilsWe source our ingredients from organic and sustainable suppliers so that we don’t make a dent on the environment, and in return, we do our part to give back as well. A good portion of the effort that goes into the business goes into researching the best ingredients for hair and skin, to provide customers the absolute best for their health.

And you can bet there’s a lot of love in each product produced, right down to the hand-stamped packaging.

We are currently ecommerce only, with stores that carry our products all over the world. We offer will call pick up in Federal Way, WA and Nashville, TN at our warehouses. We hope to have a small store of our own in the future! Until then, take advantage of our fast shipping times by ordering online!


Veteran-Owned BusinessWe are veteran-owned. Mark Murphy, Co-Owner and husband to Andi Murphy, the founder, currently serves in the Army. Reserves Our business was founded at the back gates of Camp Lejeune and our products were originally created for service members. Our shave products were made to help with the daily task of shaving. Our beard products were made for veterans. Our Dry Shampoo was made for use in the field. We’re here for you. Have an idea for a product that could help you out? Contact us.


Our Sister Brands

In 2014, we released two new sub-brands, Whiskey Run for our vegan and organic sports line and Whiskey Wicks for our candles. In 2017, we created Whiskey Business as the parent company to manage all of our brands individually. Shortly after, Tipple Tea was introduced as a line of loose leaf teas and tea blends.

Our Team

Kaitlyn Kinerk

WA Operations Coordinator
Kaitlyn is our expert distributor out of WA. She’s a Washington local, born and raised, and has really helped develop the Pacific Northwest distribution department into the well-oiled machine it is today. If you received a beautifully packaged order quickly, she was the one that helped make it happen.

Shoshanna Walsh

WA Sales Rep
Margin Colab Project Manager

Shoshanna is who you want to talk to if you’re interested in carrying any of Whiskey, Ink, & Lace’s products in your store. She’s also the one in charge of putting together our monthly Washington Maker’s Markets with Margin ColabEmail her if you’re looking to buy wholesale or looking to get a booth at one of Margin Colab’s markets.

Kelsey Sorum

Production Assistant
Kelsey is crucial to helping us provide you with quality products. She is the one working hard to make and label the products you love.

Fun fact… Kaitlyn and Kelsey are sisters!







The Founder

Whiskey, Ink, & Lace founder, Andi, never imagined she would be in the world of bath and body goods, or even retail. After starting her first business offering graphic and web design services at 16, she went on to run a marketing business while attending CSU Long Beach and then beyond. She also ran and managed many other businesses, ranging from photography, private event bartending, a skateboard magazine, and a few more along the way.

Andi grew up in California, and spent a lot of time traveling all over the country. Whiskey, Ink, & Lace debuted in late 2013 on the coast of North Carolina where she was living at the time, and already it has brought her from the east coast to the Northwest as the business expanded. The business spent a year in Portland, then moved to Seattle as it grew.

It wasn’t long until Andi picked up roots again, and has now deemed Nashville, TN as home base for the time being. It’s a fitting place for the brand and her fondness for whiskey.

WIL’s brand includes over 200 handcrafted products, sold online and through retailers around the globe.

Andi’s eclectic past of traveling, making, and doing, along with a heavy interest in all natural alternatives to commercial health products lends to the diversity, quality, and excitement of Whiskey, Ink, & Lace.

Read more about Andi, the founder, in an interview with Hubba >>

—– If you’re in the Nashville area, hit me up. I don’t usually turn down a reason to grab a glass of whiskey and talk about all natural health or beards. – Andi