3 Tips to Care for Your Winter Beard

Well, the weather outside is frightful… and your beard might not look so delightful if you’re not taking the correct measures to keep it moisturized, groomed, and pruned.  Winter beards often come out looking scraggly and less like Santa’s luscious mane and more like a gang of wispy Irish pennants that would ignite quickly with a lighter.

You don’t need to settle for dry, itchy, and uneven-looking beards just because the mercury drops below freezing.

Make that Winter Beard something enviable to all your baby-faced friends by taking these steps to protect your neck, face, and ‘stash!

1. Grow with Confidence

First of all, if you’re afraid of your beard looking too thick and manly, then you might as well just save yourself the stress and trim it down to your face. 

Growing a beard nice and thick is beneficial for defending against the cold, trapping more heat, and therefore protecting your face’s skin, so you can be confident in your decision this season. Who wouldn’t want a sweater for their face in the cold?

Self conscious about crumbs in your beard? Wash your beard off after a collection of food particles using moisturizing soaps or special beard washing products

2. Face Washes for Men

You can buy special beard shampoo products that were designed and formulated with facial hair in-mind, making it easier to clean and remove food particles without stripping your face of its layer of protective oils.  These special beard washes also smell great, so you can stop using your girlfriend or sister’s face washes and smelling like a papaya fruit salad.

To make your face rinse more successful and make your sessions quicker, utilize a dedicated beard comb or brush to get in-between those whiskers, straightening out any possible knots along the way.

Every guy should own a beard comb that can put up with plenty of abuse and that has a proper amount of teeth to get a nice, even brush.  The price of admission is well worth having your own dedicated facial comb, it will make trimming and grooming much easier.

3. Beard Oils and Conditioning

After every shampooing, you need to follow up with a proper beard oil to keep your facial hair protected against the bitter and unforgiving cold. 

If you don’t, you’ll wind up with rough, damaged hair, no matter how moisturized you keep your face.  You may not notice it degrading right away, but after winter is over you’ll be slapping yourself and resorting to trimming it back to the base.

Don’t go cheap on beard oil, otherwise, you’ll likely wind up having to use more of it more often, as the budget brands often use cheap fragrance oils full of synthetic chemicals that are drying for the skin, and they order the oils off Amazon with no quality control. Go for the good beard oil to take care of your beard right.

Get a nice lil spot of beard oil on your hands and massage it into your face, right down to the roots.  You’ll leave this in for the day and it will protect your luscious face-sweater from all the elements.

Start Caring For Your Beard this Winter:

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  1. My beard has never received so many compliments since I began using Whiskey, Ink & Lace.
    I am glad you folk are expanding for I hope you are around a long long long time…less my beard may just fall out without you!

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