10 Reasons Why You Should Try Solid Cologne

Scent is EVERYTHING. It can draw you into a restaurant, convince you to buy movie popcorn, or even make you want to curl up with the stranger beside you (hey, we won’t judge, but buy ‘em a whiskey, first!). Having your own personal scent/s can boost confidence and influence your mood, as well as those around you! It can help make you feel like…you. At Whiskey, Ink, and Lace we are constantly trying new scents to wow our (olfactory) organs. But what about improved ways to wear your go-to scents?

Enter solid colognes and perfumes. When a customer suggested these to us, it just made…solid scents. Made from essential oils, beeswax, and shea butter–they look like a hair wax.They’ve actually been around since the ancient Egyptians, but recently people are rediscovering their “scent-elating” benefits.

Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Try Solid Cologne or Solid Perfume:

1. Small/Convenient

They are smaller than a USB drive, so you can literally throw it in your gym or travel bag and be good to go.

2. TSA Friendly

Since it’s a solid, you don’t have to worry about keeping room in your 1 quart bag for your scents, so you have more room for other liquid essentials.


3. Won’t Spill or Break

While roller and sample size colognes and perfumes can be handy for traveling, there is still a chance the fragile glass could break if you set your bag down wrong, and we’ve all had a liquid explode in our carry-on before…

4. Freshen up on the go

You know when you get off a plane, and no matter how recently you last showered, you suddenly feel like you smell a few days older and possibly like the combination of everyone around you? Go from airplane toilet-smell to eau de toilette! Dab this on to get rid of that stale airplane essence before stepping into a meeting or brunch.

5. Lasts Longer

Solid colognes and perfumes just generally last longer on your body throughout the day than liquid scents, so you’ll have to reapply less.

6. Super Concentrated

A little goes a long way with these as they tend to have a higher concentration of scent, so it’ll last you longer overall, saving you cents on your scents.

7. Not Overwhelming

Yes it’s concentrated, but due to the composition of the oils and wax and the way it takes into your skin, there’s less chance of overdoing it–we all know those people who spritz on way too much in an effort for it to last throughout the entire day! Those worries are gone here. No more Jersey Shore fragrance faux pas for us, thank you very much!

8. Evolving Fragrance

The solid form and essential oil formula allows scents to interact uniquely with your own body temperature and chemistry so the scent evolves with you throughout the day.

9. Target Application

Since you aren’t spraying anything, you can be choosy about where you put it (we recommend lightly sliding a finger over the cologne and dabbing onto your pulse points, such as wrist or behind ears and neck). No more “spray-and-jump-through-it” while relying on the wind to not take away most of your precious scents!

10. Better For You

In general, solid colognes and perfumes are made with more natural ingredients, so you know you aren’t adding anything crazy you can’t pronounce to your body. And of course at Whiskey, Ink, and Lace, we always make them with all natural, vegan, and organic ingredients!


With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why these are the solid choice! Try one out for yourself and let us know what you think.

Here are some of our most popular scents, now in solid form:


Happy smelling!


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