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Let's start with the Beard Oil. This is a quality oil. I've noticed a huge difference in the softness and level of dryness of my beard.I recommend trying their products. I have made 3 purchases and will buy more.

The beard balm is like magic, it helps to soften and control my wild beard hairs.

The customer service is top notch!Andi and her team are very responsive and helpful.

The shipping has been great.Everything is packaged in a way that you don't need to worry about you stuff arriving damaged.

The labels are awesome

I like to support small businesses that are doing great things.


For 2 years I have been buying from Whiskey Ink & Lace, and I've loved everything about their company.

I've been using products from the Viking scent line, and I have loved it, not just the scent (which my wife loves) but how well my beard has benefited from it. The oil provides a much needed replenish of natural oils after I clean my beard from all my mechanic grease. Their bar shampoo is amazing and feels even better. Its hands down, my favorite beard cleaning solution.Then the volume and control that the balm gives is unparalleled.

I've shopped around a few different brands, and WI&L is the best for any budget.

As for their customer service.... it's the friendliest and most professional you can find anywhere.One single time, there was an order mishap,and when I brought it to their attention, they took care of the problem alarmingly quick. And they get back to you extremely fast.
I'm a customer for life. Thank you Whiskey Ink & Lace.

Michael N.

I received a pop up ad on facebook for Whiskey, Ink, & Lace one day, and my husband has a short beard but has never used any products , so I ordered him some products for xmas a few years ago and LOVED it. I ordered the beard balm. Overall I have continued to order from them and will continue. Thanks again LOVE the PRODUCTS (scents and feels).



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